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Heavy Bleeding Vaginal, Sore Toes, Mouth Sores, LCD headaches etc.

Food Tips and Ulcer-Herpes Comparison Charts That May Help
Urgent: Computer Monitors/LCDs/CRTs/Laptops & Cellphone LED's May Trigger
Headaches, Bleeding, Miscarriages, Eye Pain, Dizziness, Nausea, etc. (see this)
Also: Tips for Sore, Swollen Toes, Mouth Sores, Pregnancy/Miscarriage & Food-Combo Tips

My sites are ongoingly updated as I discover experiential truths vs. the tidal wave of societal static.


I made this website to share what I discovered on my own, after standard medicine (including urologist's & gynecologist's CAT scan & PAP smear) proved misguided for my abnormal cases of heavy bleeding and urinary tract infections. What especially motivated me to share this info, was that my diet (especially the tip about Bing cherries) helped bleeders I met on the www. One of them had fibroids and another had a miscarriage; she was desperate since she'd been suffering heavy menstrual bleeding for weeks and her doctor failed to help her. Yet the Bings succeeded in drying the flow. Note that I've heard of people being helped by raspberries too, either in the form of raspberry tea not raspberry leaf, rather raspberry itself!! or else an enema from raspberry concentrate, which helps for bleeding or urinary tract infection.

As for myself, not too long ago, I went through a long period of despair due to my excessive bleeding and urinary tract infections which included heavy urethral bleeding... During that bleak period, so-called "professionals" (online and off) and misguided others threw all sorts of harsh DECOY warnings my way (I say "decoy" since they were proven off-base).

Among the misguided warnings & advices:
Cancer, Candida (including harsh diet & "Paragone" regimen & homeopathy & much more), Dental Mercury (actually, I have been proven via hair analysis to be above the 95th percentile for heavy metal toxicity). Ad nauseum, ad nauseum, ad nauseum...
NONE of them helped me. What finally did prove to be the most accurate? Foremost of all, my Lightening-Flash-Type of realization re: Computer Monitors As Worst Culprit. And secondly, the diet mentioned further down this site, especially black cherry concentrate (and perhaps raspberry tea and/or enema of raspberry concentrate). Bottom line: People sometimes have to figure things out themselves rather than rely on either mainstream or alternative therap/ies/ists.

About My Symptom Tendencies (emphasis on "tendencies" since many symptoms are alleviated by my protocol): I have a cold creaky physique, snap-cracking joints & at times of stress, especially when I don't stick to my protocol, I get bouts of heavy vaginal bleeding mixed with soreness & clots. There are some computer monitors (no matter if LCD or CRT) which, when viewed prolongedly, cause me a rash of symptoms including vaginal & urethral bleeding (darker, brownish blood emanates from urethra), pain, migraines, dizziness, stabbing eyes, etc. I have a tendency toward muscle pain, repetitive strain injury, painful cheek muscles, (all these somewhat relieved by 300 mg. Neurontin), nasal drip, laryngitis, sore throats (all this usually triggered by acid-containing foods), fatigue, urge to yawn, poor-quality sleep, mouth sores, dry mouth, dental pain (triggered by acidic food and computer viewing), acid-reflux (GERD), constipation & irritable bowel syndrome since childhood, citrus sensitivity (acid intolerance), multiple chemical sensitivity, allergies, jaundice, inability to vomit, inability to burp "normally", & bouts of sore, swollen toes.


Please refer to my Herpes-Ulcer Charts lower down. There's a "YES" chart and a "NO" chart. They're intended as "non-absolutist" guides, and it's my hope that anyone referencing the charts has enough common sense to allow themselves either more or less leeway, by experimenting with the diet for themselves, to see what works best for them. In general, I've discovered that soothing, lubricated, warmed foods are good for me (NOT scalding-hot, at risk of inflammation/irritation), & also in order to prevent bleeding I must not let my system get too acidic (i.e. excessive amounts of sweets or processed foods can cause an acid system, and bleeding). However, I must include sufficient sweet elements in my meals, or otherwise I'd get constipated as mentioned in my Constipation Tips site. A Chinese book I read makes sense: To keep meals healthy & well-balanced, they should contain elements of sweet, sour, salty, bitter & pungent. The object is to keep your system balanced toward alkaline, thus not allowing dormant viruses to flourish. And it goes without saying to avoid stress, avoid over-large meals, & chew thoroughly.

NOTE: Some of the very things which are good for my constipation, actually trigger my bleeding - and vice versa. For example, computer-viewing, chocolate, sweets, citrusy stuff, and any product or fruit which is overly acidic (IF taken without cream/oil/protein as buffer), can have a laxative effect, but they trigger my bleeding as well as causing acne. Whereas sauteed rice, tuna & sauteed sunny-side-up eggs are healing, but they can be constipating (if not eaten with sufficient lubricants and condiments). It's sort of like "walking a dietetic tightrope". Note, though, that white tuna contains alot of toxic mercury and should therefore be limited.


It seems likely to me that some of us bleeders, including some women prone to miscarriage, are falling between the cracks, because we may be suffering from stress, physical exertion, or acidic & caustic foods we've ingested, or dehydrating diuretics & chalky-textured pills. Or we may have toxic, infected systems caused by dental mercury amalgam. I also have a hunch that even though herpes isn't "officially" associated with bleeding, maybe if the virus was allowed to be active long enough, it may cause bleeding. We may also be loaded with bacteria which leached from infected tooth root canals and cavitations to the rest of our body.


For heavy bleeding, the key is to avoid stuff which:

  • is very acidic or causes an acid effect
  • is dehydrating
  • is abrasive

The following can be triggers:
Stress, excessive viewing of some newer computer monitors which out-gas PBDE chemicals, over-exertion, alcohol, cigarette smoke, alcoholic beverages, citrus, spices, (tomatoes?), chocolate, nuts, corn syrup, excessive amounts of sugar or peppermint (causing acid-reaction), coffee, acidic tea, acid-starch combo's such as Oreo-Citrus Combo, jelly-tarts, oatmeal-apple, vinegary pasta (oily pasta or mayonnaisy pasta may be better).
Note that sweet chocolate, sugar & spearmint can be helpful toward constipation (bleeding notwithstanding)


I discovered that non-dietetic yogurt containing whey is very good. Yogurt also heals my mouth sores and replenishes my saliva. There's a product called Kefir which is supposed to be even superior to yogurt, though I never tried it.

But even though there's much to be said for yogurt and some other health foods, yet they don't hold a candle to black cherries' (and, perhaps, raspberry tea or enema from raspberry concentrate) in their effectiveness at controlling internal bleeding and urinary tract infection. I've found that approx. a pound of Black Cherries (Bings) - or 1/2 gal. juice from black cherry concentrate, taken over the course of a few days help mitigate vaginal bleeding. At least two women I met on an Internet board, were helped after I advised them to try Bings for a few days. One of them had been bleeding for two months after a miscarriage & she was desperate, as her doctor failed to help. The other woman had fibroids. It may be because Bings contain soothing Vitamin-E in addition to bitters and anthocyanins, a class of anti-inflammatory bioflavanoid. This study as well as this study done on cherries have found them to be anti-inflammatory. They also help gout.

NOTE: It's advisable to NOT take cherries or cherry juice with cakes, starches & carbohydrates, since the acid within the cherries have a bad effect when combined with starches & can worsen bleeding. Rather take the cherries/juice by itself first thing in the morning. You might also experiment taking a fist full of cherries, say, with 2 oz. of vanilla yogurt or a TB of canola oil as a buffer. Experiment & see what's best for you. Also note that it's advisable for anyone who cannot tolerate roughage, to put Bings thru a juicer, or spit out the skin, if possible. Note that a British woman had emailed me that Bings were unavailable in her region, but she tried cherry yogurt & it helped her. Frankly, I'm not sure whether the active ingredient for her was the yogurt cultures, or the cherries within it, or the whey, or its fermented status (or all combined!)

But it's not just "seasonal" Bings that contain the combo of bitters, soothingness & anthocyanins. You might try experimenting with your own combo from this list:

Examples of soothing foods are: Yogurt, buckwheat sauteed in canola oil, rice-cake & sunny-side-up egg sauteed together in oil (with a capsule of milk thistle or olive leaf extract sprinkled in as well), Rooibos (red tea) which is naturally caffeine free, passionflower, licorice-root tea (not too strong), mullein tea, slippery elm, mallow, Celestial black cherry berry tea, Celestial Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea, Raspberry tea, Celestial mint magic tea (not too strong), cabbage-juice, celery-juice, yams, avocado, mango (if not acidic), oil - but note that I find that olive oil can be irritating, eggoil* based foods (such as eggoil-based strawberry ice-cream or mayonnaise).
Examples of anthocyanin-foods: (reddish-purple pigment) - Bing cherries, Raspberry concentrate, beets, red onions, red cabbage extract, blueberries, ripe strawberries, etc.
Examples of bitters are: Olive-leaf extract, dark green tender-cooked veggies. Also note that broccoli was found to prevent ulcers caused by h.pylori bacteria (Johns Hopkins - National Academy of Sciences, May 28 issue). Broccoli also has an optimal combo of both Calcium and Vitamin C, as you can see from this Vegweb Nutrition Chart. Also, Spirulina, a green algae is nutrient-rich and soothing - & seems tender enough to be used as a spread like avocado...

Recipe for lactose-free, eggoil-based Strawberry (or blueberry) Ice Cream: 8 large whole eggs, 3/4 c. sugar, 6 TB oil, pound of fresh strawberries. Beat eggs till creamy, add sugar & beat well; add oil & beat; blend berries & add them at slow speed. Freeze. You can substitute Xylitol for sugar. For a "creamsicle" version of this recipe, use only 4 or 5 eggs, and only 1 TB oil, and pour into popsicle holders.

Note that non-dietetic yogurt, licorice-root extract/tea, mullein, slippery elm, mallow, and eggoil-based ice-cream are very healing for mouth sores, & perhaps licorice for genital sores too.

Hint: If the food leaves a smoothly-coated, non-burning, non-acidic after-effect on the inside your mouth, I suspect it's a healing food to your gut...


Pycnogenol is supposed to be anti-inflammatory, heal fragile capillaries, and have much more of an anti-oxidant effect than Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It's recommended that its ingredients should be pure and not mixed with fillers such as talc and calcium. Thing is, I've tried Source Naturals Pycnogenol - brick red tablets, and not sure it has been all that effective. Maybe I didn't give it enough of a shot.

You might want to check out if you have candida or a thyroid condition, in which case acidopholus or garlic might help you. Acidopholus powder is most effective if taken first thing in morning mixed with 2 oz. distilled water on an empty stomach. Personally,raw garlic & onions irritate me - perhaps due to my liver condition and/or due to my auto-immune problems. But everyone is different. There are also some cases of women helped by Aleve, but others find it irritating. There are women whose heavy bleeding is caused by a very-thick uterine lining. Doctors can check this out via a D&C. Overweight is also associated with heavy bleeding, as are fibroids, hormonal imbalance, post-birth, miscarriage, menopause, Depo-Provera, birth-control pills, other doctors' pills, use of I.U.D. or serious medical condition such as cancer which requires doctors' care.


Triggerants of mouth sores: Salty potato chips, barbeque chips, citrus (even lemon cake if it contains excessive lemon extract), raw pineapple, kiwi, potent menthol products such as peppermint candies & peppermint tea.
Soothing foods that heal mouth sores: Non-dietetic yogurt (containing active cultures & whey), Rooibos red teas, Passionflower, licorice-root, mullein, slippery elm, mallow, cabbage, mayonnaise, eggs sauteed in canola oil, have the effect of buffering potent spices, lemon, chocolate and tea.

Here's an excellent mouth sore site:

Squirreltales Mouth Sore Tips

Triggerants of sore throat: Breathing dry, smoky, sawdusty, dusty, sheetrocky, or sandy air. Note that forced-air heating systems aren't so healthy. I once purchased a Holmes moist-heat radiator, but the thermostat was defective, so I returned it, and am now using a different brand of oil-filled electric radiator in addition to covering the forced-air vent in my bedroom. That works fine for me because it's not so dehydrating. Some foods which trigger sore throat: Raw (non-sauteed) garlic & onions cause me terrible sore throat, cold, & dry cough. The combo of lemon with garlic-powder is especially irritating; garlicky pickles; oniony herring; Citracal; virgin olive oil; sauteeing in olive oil; potent foods such as menthol (peppermint candies), mint jelly, and lemon flavoring all cause me to get a cold. Spearmint-leaf tea (not too strong) is OK, as it's less potent than the oil form. But peppermint leaf is too potent.
Soothing foods that heal sore throat: Wildcherry lozenges, licorice-root, combo of licorice tea plus decaf cherry-berry tea, mullein, slippery elm, mallow, yogurt, creams, eggoil-based ice-cream, chicken soup (not too hot!)


Very hot baths aggravate my inflamed, sore toes. Also the effect of cold weather causing poor blood circulation combined with stuffing my stockinged-feet in tight shoes. Also, keeping feet immobile during long-distance plane travel can hinder circulation.

Another terrible pain trigger is corn starch (a "sophisticated" term they use for this is "modified food starch" found in many ice creams & other food products). I also suspect that eating too much dairy-fat and carbohydrate-fat such as pizza, ice-cream, milk-chocolate, & potato chips may cause circulation problems.

Emphasis: Concentrated fats and concentrated starches are the the real culprits. For example, yogurt and sour cream are no problem, and neither are liquidy starches a problem. But so help me, if I take very starchy, concentrated potatoes, butter, or hard cheese. OUCH!
See this: Dr. Bic, re: fat & pain

A final note re: citrus, excessive Vitamin C (even the hypoallergenic brands), and excessive carbs. Consider them to be "red flag" items which may or may not trigger inflammations, tongue sores and genital sores.


You might try: WarmCream, L-Arginine, or DMSO - for circulation .

I personally have found GABA to be somewhat helpful.
BUT - I have to use the following method for best effect:
Before bedtime, I crush two 750mg tabs into approx. 6 oz. hot water, and gulp it down. Soon afterward, my whole body starts feeling hot and tingly - even red and itchy. I believe GABA somewhat mitigates pain. I.E. even if my toes & hands become red, it may be a "good" kind of red, if y'know what I mean.

Here's another way I've been getting a modicum of relief. I alternate:
Soaking and flexing my toes in a pail of coolish-cold (NOT too cold) water for about 20-25 sec.
then immediately soaking and flexing in a 2nd pail of warm (NOT hot) water for 10-15 sec.
then repeat the sequence: Coolish-cold water pail 20-25 sec., then warm-water pail 10-15 sec.
When flexing my left toes, they snap-crackle-pop. I suspect it's calcium crystals.
then repeat the sequence, over & over, finishing up with the coolish-cold water.
Then I rub vaseline - thoroughly - into my toes & feet.
Then I repeat the cool-then-warm-then-cool-then-vaseline sequence.
Then I pat them dry leaving vaseline residues, & immediately don warm socks & loose slippers.

Note: rubbing in aspercreme during soaking also can't harm if you have it on hand.

Regarding liver detox:
Note that I recently tried a modified liver detox regimen, and went through extreme discomfort restricting myself to fruits, veggies, spring water, & loads of apple juice, culminating with epsom salts and olive oil & lemon juice all of which gave me bad pains & diarrhea. As bad as when I'd tried magnesium citrate liquid. At the end of it all, I can't honestly say that I feel any different than before. Just calling a spade a spade! But if you experience sore toes, who knows, it might help somewhat to avoid saturated fats & excessive carbs for awhile, and take, say, a ratio of 2:1 olive-oil:lemon-juice in the mornings. But speaking from personal experience, all olive oil and lemon juice did for me was to cause irritation. Others may be different, though.
Here's a very informative liver nutrition info link.


In Jan. 2003, due to gnawing, stabbing, bearing-down pains & heaviness in my abdomen radiating to my back, I went to the E.R. and was diagnosed with urinary tract infection, with white blood cells too numerous to count. (By the way, you can purchase a home-testing kit from specialty drug stores to test yourself for Urinary Tract Infection.) I was prescribed Cipro antibiotics for five days 2x a day. A subsequent urinalysis showed I was clear of infection, but then it kept recurring. Antibiotics can cause kidney stones, and just control (rather than eliminate) bacteria. They can also kill the good bacteria, causing Candida (yeast), so the natural way may be the better route to take. Note that though D-Mannose is touted by some people, it caused me allergic reaction and failed to help me. I get the same reaction to cranberry juice. It's also expensive - $23 for 50 grams. Other herbs to try: Pau D'Arco, Crysanthemum and olive leaf extract..

and for use as a "non-absolute" guide during bleeding/pregnancy/miscarriage
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YES = Good for Herpes/Ulcers
& possibly for bleeding
ULCERS (Colitis/
H. Pylori/Peptic)
Prior to all these YES/NO items, see Comments on the right     Prior to all these YES/NO items, it may pay to follow rules of proper food combining. I personally follow this Food-Combo Chart (more or less).
High ratio of alkaline foods, as well as foods recommended on ulcer, herpes & interstitial cystitis diets. YES YES GREY AREAS: For example, L-Arginine. The latter is known to aggravate Herpes (if not counteracted with Lysine), yet it may be curative to sore toes, ulcers, Interstitial Cystitis, Raynaud's, and various circulatory conditions.
Relaxation techniques YES YES  
Awareness that prolonged viewing of some computer monitors can cause bad symptoms YES YES See the "NO" Chart further down for more detail
Cooked cabbage YES YES healing amino acid
Licorice Root (not too strong), Slippery Elm, Mallow YES YES Licorice is anti-viral, soothes membranes, increases mucous. Heals ulcers, mouth sores, heartburn & constipation. For high blood pressure use deglycyrrhinated licorice. If you dislike the taste, try mixing the licorice with Cherry-Berry or Raspberry tea.
Mullein (try it mixed with Mallow or with Celestial Seasonings Cherry Berry tea)   YES Good for cystitis. Soothes irritations. It's a demulcent like licorice & slippery elm (except it's bitterish, rather than "nauseatingly sweet"). Therefore, mullein tea makes a healthy counterbalance to sweet meals. You might also see if you can develop a taste for burdock which is also demulcent, and milder. I find Celestial Cherry Berry and Honey Vanilla Chamomile deliciously soothing too, and also Mint Magic if not too strong.
Rooibos Red Tea, Also: Passionflower (glycerine based)     Both of these are sorta brick-colored & very soothing. Rooibos is totally free of caffeine & oxalic acid. I often add stevia or xylitol to herbal teas.
Celestial Seasonings: Cherry Berry Tea, Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea, Sleepytime Tea     I find these teas deliciously soothing! I also mix the Cherry with the Honey Vanilla Chamomile - yum!
Celery juice YES YES  
Yams & Non-Acidic Mango YES YES  
Barley, egg barley   YES delicious sauteed in safflower/canola w/some water & seasoning
Lysine (lysine-containing foods are: eggs, mayonnaise, creams, corn, creamed corn (beware if you have corn allergy), etc. Also fish, but make sure it's mercury-free)
Buy the powdered form of Lysine supplements, such as capsule form. Then mix with cottage cheese, or with liquidy instant potatoes, or else into hot water & drink.
YES   counteracts arginine (they're both amino acids).
Re: Eggs - I believe it's the yolk which has the lysine. Besides the lysine, it may also be its mucuousy, gel-like properties which provides a protective coating against irritants.
Lemon balm (melissa) YES (see comment on right)   "Officially" supposed to help Herpes, and act as a "sedative" but I found myself allergic to it. Since lemon balm contains citral/citronelle, it triggered mouth sores, sore throat, bleeding acne & red blotches on palms/fingers. Grapefruit, citrus & "C have a similar effect on me, and I note that both grapefruit & lemon-balm are BitterSour. For all I know, maybe the reason it calms some people is because its "acid-heating" aspect stimulates its "bitter-sedative" property to more efficiently circulate throughout the body... does that make sense?
Vitamin E, Vitamin-E-foods YES   Caution: If you're Vitamin-K deficient... can interfere with absorption of Vitamin-K necessary for blood clotting
Olive leaf extract YES   anti-viral (hint: I open the capsule & sprinkle the extract powder into very-liquidy instant potatoes. Or I mix it in with sauteed rice, or with sauteed sunny-side-up eggs)
Olive oil (lite) if not used for frying but rather as a salad oil ???   I've come to realize that even lite olive oil can be irritating to me when used for frying. Whereas canola is OK for me, despite the bad hype about canola. (just calling a spade as I experience it!
Cooked green/yellow veggies YES   Avoid tough-fibrous parts of broccoli. Note that broccoli was found to prevent ulcers caused by h.pylori bacteria (Johns Hopkins). It also has an optimal combo of both Calcium and Vitamin C, as you can see from this Vegweb Nutrition Chart. Also note that spinach is a natural source for glutamine, good for muscles.
Fresh fruit except citrus ???   Personally, I find that anything (fruit or Vitamin C) which contains a hint of acid may sometimes trigger my bleeding, especially when combined with starches. If taken with creams, eggs, and "mushy well-lubricated" lite-proteins, such as creamy flounder, they may be OK. I find the best fruit to be: Honeydew, mango, peaches, pears, cherries, and blueberries.

Added note: Purple grapes/grapejuice & red wine triggers bad bleeding & stomache ache, yet on the other hand, I believe it helped toward dissolving a hardened breast hematoma (after biopsy).
Whole grains in moderation YES   It may be advisable to avoid abrasive grains such as popcorn, oats, coarse bread, even cheerios if taken without accompanying lubricant... I find that tender white rice mixed with tender not-too-fibrous greens is good for me, and also ricecakes spread with mayo & similar spreads.
Burnt toast/waffles/potatoes, burnt veggies etc.     Personally, burnt foods agree with me, and are alkalizing, by absorbing internal toxins, sorta like charcoal. Speak of which, charcoal powder mixed into warm water, or chewing Requa charcoal-tablets with warm water, cleanses and alkalizes my system (in the morning, approx. 1/2 hour before breakfast.
Seaweed YES    
Shiitake mushrooms YES    
Zinc & Raw Garlic I personally avoid (even though recommended) ???   Zinc & Raw Garlic I personally avoid (even though recommended for bleeders with candida or thyroid conditions) since it causes my auto-immune system to react with sore throat, drying out mucuous linings, difficulty swallowing, & bad cold.
Cooked/sauteed garlic in tiny amounts is more tolerable.
EggOil-Based ice-cream & mayonnaise, & also licorice-root, mullein, slippery elm, mallow     For my dried-out system, eggoil, mayonnaise, cream & licorice (not too strong) are healing. I included an eggoil-based ice cream recipe elsewhere in this site. Personally, I also find some low-fat dairy ice-creams such as Cherry Mambo & French Silk to be healing, despite their containing chocolate slivers. However store-bought ice creams which ingredients contain high-fat and starch cause me inflammation.
Note: Plain eggs can leave me bloated and gassy. It depends in what combo it's taken.
Black cherry concentrate, Bing cherries (NOT with starches - see my articles), beets, red cabbage extract, blueberries, ripe strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, elderberries

Any combo of any/all these:
Black cherry concentrate, raspberry concentrate, elderberry syrup, Xylitol, Yogurt, Filtered Water

    All these "red/blue" foods, especially Bings, contain anthocyanins (which may be why Bings have helped mitigate mine & others' bleeding.) As for red onions, personally, I'd avoid raw, non-sauteed onions or keep them to a minimum in salads. Also, stick to sweet white (or vidalia) onions, rather than red onions. Re: beets: Try blending with mayo & spread on ricecakes.
Here's my theory: Raspberries contain Xylitol, which is an excellent, less-invasive way to rid the body of infection. Can it be that black cherries have a similar property, yet even better? Is that why black cherry is anti-inflammatory? For all I know, Bings, Raspberries, Blackberries, Elderberries & Black Currants may all be neck & neck!
Pycnogenol (pronounced pic-nah-jeh-nole)     A supplement which is a concentrated form of anti-inflammatory, capillary-strengthening proanthocyanidins derived from either grapeseeds or pine bark. I tried the Source Naturals brand (since it's pure & not mixed with talc or calcium). I'm not sure it was any more effective than Bings (if at all). Feedback regarding anyone else's Pycnogenol or black-cherry experiences are welcome.
Yogurt with active cultures (whey might also be healing, so lowfat Axelrod may be best. Note that Breyer's has corn syrup which may be allergenic)
Also: Kefir
Also: Acidopholus
    I found yogurt to be very healing for my dry mouth and mouth sores. It may have also helped my heavy bleeding. I'd appreciate feedback re: readers' experiences with both cherries and yogurt vis-a-vis dryness, sores & bleeding.
Mild, citrus-free, herbal tea (see comment on right re: Pau D'Arco)     Note that even decaf tea is not recommended.
HOWEVER, if it's mild & citrus-free, you might give it a shot, especially spearmint such as Celestial's Mint-Magic (not too strong), licorice (not too strong), mullein, slippery elm, mallow, Celestial Black Cherry Berry. Note, too, that Pau D'Arco is anti-viral, anti-fungal & antibiotic; it causes a sorta bitter, metal taste in my mouth but I get used to it.
Apply to sores: Vitamin-E oil, L-Lysine cream, Licorice root, Olive-leaf extract YES   Just including these for the record, as they've been touted as helpful
Cotton Underpants? Ahem...     I know people are always advised cotton underwear. Well... I'm different. I find that cotton panties irritates me the most (even causing genital sores) and nylon irritates me the least. Even as a child, I'd get the creeps touching dry terry towels after bathing. My dryness may be why I'm easily irritated by chalky unripe-persimmons, chalky calcium, nuts, popcorn, dust, smoke particles, etc. According to NAET, people can be allergic to dryness.

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NO = Bad for Herpes/Ulcers
& possibly bleeders
ULCERS (Colitis/
Vitamin C?? ?? ?? ALERT: The "official" line is that Vitamin C kills infection, thus being good for you. But my personal reaction, as well as others I've seen chatting on the www, is that Vitamin C can cause uncomfortable reactions. Among them: Rashes, sores, acne, burning in the bladder area, and urethral soreness, swelling and itching. The latter is directly correlated to the amount of "C" ingested, no different than citrus. Are these "detox" reactions? Ahem... I'm skeptical of this glibness.
Stress, Over-Exertion NO NO  
Prolonged viewing of certain newer computer monitors     Some computer monitors, especially when new, can contain toxic flame retardant chemicals that outgas over time and create toxic dust that, when inhaled, can cause a multitude of symptoms according to the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition. It's worse when viewed in poorly ventilated rooms or when you're hungry and/or dehydrated. In Nordstrom's book Invisible Disease, Per Hedemalm (Swedish consultant) suspected that the outgassed chemicals which are absorbed by human bodies have a photosensitizing effect. Meaning: That they cause reactions within the body upon exposure to light or electromagnetic fields generated by heat & light - such as fluorescent computer screens. Also beware of cellphone LEDs. I myself speculate that brighter/bigger screens may be worse, since heat generated from the brighter light can be more potent as well as causing more outgassing of the PBDE flame retardants. These are the symptoms I get from many newer monitors: Dizziness, nausea, migraine headaches, muscle & tooth pain, bone pain, dehydration, accelerated metabolism, urethral bleeding & itchy eczema.
NOTE: Some monitors are better than others. I've been in contact with some photosensitives who find Thinkpads less problematic. Yet even the latter are subject to variables, so as of yet, I'm aware of no clearcut solutions.
Alcohol NO NO Dehydrating
Chocolate NO NO contains amino acid arginine & caffeine
chocolate triggers my bleeding, especially within the week I expect my period (but chocolate cake may be less triggering since it contains eggs & oil)
(for all I know, it may not be the arginine so much as the highly-acid caffeine which is the worst culprit. Note that arginine also has therapeutic properties of dilating constricted blood vessels, and may therefore aid sore toes, Raynaud's, Diabetes, hypertension, etc..
Tea & Coffee (even decaf) NO NO Tart teas & Dark-brown/black teas (even "herbal" dark teas) especially trigger my bleeding, especially within the week I expect my period.
Note: Licorice teabag mixed into harsher teas might buffer irritation. Also, cherry berry, mullein, marshmallow teas are actually good for me. Experiment!
Red Meat, meatballs, processed foods, EVEN WHITE TURKEY BREAST if processed NO NO Beware of these! Can contain garlic & paprika in "flavorings" as well as an irritating potpurri of sodium. No wonder salami made me vomit in childhood; nowadays they trigger bleeding.
Citrus (pineapple? kiwi?) NO NO Citrus (& pineapple & kiwi), and overly-acidic fruit, trigger my bleeding, especially as an ingredient in tea, or when taken with starches, & especially when taken with Oreo's.
It may be OK - IF taken with dairy, eggs, oil & oily proteins, sometimes with sugar added
Apple crisp (depending on its ingredients)     I've come to realize that apples (or apples & oats combined?) cause me bad bleeding. Maybe it's the malic acid combined with the abrasive oats? Also, apples contain an element that acts sorta like scouring powder. Suffice that this is a red flag item, depending on how buffered its ingredients are. In this case, I think saturated fat acts as a more effective buffer than lighter oils.
White vinegar (especially vinegary pasta's or acid-starch combo's in general) NO NO personally, vinegar is OK for me IF it's in oily, seasoned green salads. I.E. here's how I toss a 16 oz. garden salad:
I mix together ONLY 4 TB oil, 5 TB sugar, 5 TB vinegar, One-Tsp. Salt & a TINY sprinkle of garlic powder. I mix well, add the salad & mix well again.
Cigarette smoke NO NO  
Aspirin   NO  
Ibuprofen   ??? personally, Ibuprofen is good for me
Naproxen   NO contains caffeine
(Note: some bleeders obtain relief from Aleve, but others are irritated by it, from what I gather.
Caffeine   NO  
Yeast     ?? Frankly speaking, I'm not sure the candida issue isn't overblown. I know that all sorts of candida regimens have proved both ravaging and useless to me. Suffice that by now I'm disillusioned by an endless string of both doctors and alternative therapists. I've found my own regimen more effective than all their standardized hype.
Large meals   NO take several mini-meals instead
Milk products
(Personally, yogurt heals me. Some brands/flavors more than others)
  NOT EXCESSIVELY Can cause acid.
Personally, I find yogurt, sour cream & cottage cheese to be good for me. Maybe because they're less saturated fat than hard cheese? Also note: Dairy creams help me buffer acidic food, spicy condiments, grapes, apples, cocoa.
Tomatoes   NO tomatoes may be OK with eggoily or cheesy buffers (mayo, creams etc.)
Spicy food, horseradish, mustard & the like   NO spices may be OK with eggoily or cheesy buffers (mayo, creams etc.) For example, mixing mustard with mayo and also diluted with sufficient water should be no problem.
Fatty food   NO personally, I'm not sure some lite fat isn't good for my nerves, & it definitely counteracts constipation. It also enables Vitamin D absorption, which in turn enables calcium absorption. People with liver problems (like me) may also benefit from silymarin (milk thistle) or aquasoluble Vitamin E to help absorb Vitamin D. See this: liver nutrition info.
Acidic foods/drinks   NO may be OK with eggoily (mayo), cheesy, creamy buffers. Still, it depends on one's condition - sometimes even mild acids are contra-indicated
Aloe vera   NO May cause cramps
Peppermint   NO can cause acid & irritation (Note: Even though York peppermint-patties are buffered with egg-whites, still, the combo of chocolate & peppermint can cause bad acid if ingested excessively. Conversely, it can relieve constipation, so just use common sense & moderation according to how you feel. Mild spearmint tea may be OK; even Celestial Mint Magic tea, if well diluted, is OK, even though it has some peppermint.)
  to maintain alkalinity, avoid excess. BUT you may need some sweets in meals to avoid constipation. These are preferable:
Molasses (good for constipation), Raw Honey, Splenda, Stevia, Barley Malt, Brown Rice Syrup
Corn syrup NO   Note: I find that foods, including cereals, with corn syrup in the ingredients cause me tooth pain
Soft drinks NO    
White bread NO    
Fried food   If not over-fried, and oil is used in moderation, with water added during the process so that it's a moist and tender fried-ness, that should be OK.  
Vinegar-starch & Acid-starch Combo's NO   Vinegary pasta can give me bad heartburn; Citrus with Oreo's triggers bleeding
Peanuts & peanut-butter NO   contains arginine
Nuts, Seeds, Peas NO   contains arginine
Zinc (& ColdEeze), unripe persimmons/apples     dries & irritates my linings. Unripe persimmons (ugh) causes an awful-feeling "furry-coating" on my already dry tongue. Yogurt, eggoil ice-cream, licorice-root (not too strong), slippery elm, mallow & sauteed egg barley, sauteed rice, or sauteed buckwheat reverse dryness.
Sulphur & Vitamin C. Examples: Raw garlic, or: Garlic-powder & lemon, or: Garlicky pickles, or: Raw onions, such as with herring, or: Organic Soups by Imagine Foods (too oniony). And much more...     Sauteeing onions in canola oil, with water added, should be OK - but I find that frying in olive oil is irritating. Onion/garlic that's NON-sauteed, can cause me urethral bleeding, mouth sores, trouble swallowing, extended bad sore throat & cold, & migraine.
Scalding-hot water, kiwi, raw pineapple, citrus, lemon, lemon oil/extract, mint oil/extract, cinnamon, salty potato chips, spicy potato chips     Cause my dried-out system sores. Citrus, kiwi, pineapple, potato chips, cause me acne. Lemon-oil or extract & Mint-oil or extract cause me colds.
Hot water, citrus, vinegar, alcohol INTENSIFY ill-effects of BAD foods     when added to bad foods, these [already-potent] foods intensify their ill-effects. Extracts & oil-essences are also potent.
Eggoil & licorice-root (not too strong) heal irritations.
Control-top, spandex hosiery     Spandex at my waist really irritates my abdomen, even radiating to my lower back, & causing me to double over in pain. I'm just raising a red flag in case spandex aggravates ulcers. Note that the bacteria associated with my UTI, may have been a factor in the spandex bothering me.

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