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2003 UPDATE:
Since creating this site, I've come to learn a "bit" more about my health conditions. See, fibromyalgia is really a wastebasket diagnosis within our very limited, very rotten medical establishment. After the forementioned kineseologist, who is also a NAET practitioner, happened to casually mention that I have alot of metals (among other rapidly-worded stuff) I then began investigating NAET, which is what led me to start investigating the dental mercury issue, and become convinced that my 17 dental amalgam fillings may be a source of at least some of my health conditions. So I decided to have them removed, and part of the preparation toward dental revision involved having a hair elements test done by Doctors Data. The results indicated that I'm well above the 95th percentile of metal toxicity and that I have very high mercury levels, and even higher arsenic and cadmium levels. But mercury has been scientifically proven to be the most physically detrimental of all.

So, for the zillionth time I'm disillusioned, since (except for that one kineseologist who himself wasn't too forthcoming), a long string of practitioners I've consulted, including the astrologer, medical intuitives, kineseologists, palm reader, and of course, authoritarian conventional doctors ALL failed to impress upon me the very real fact of my metal toxicity. They also failed to inform me about my geopathic stress from water under my house, both of which appeared in a QXCI reading which I had done recently. As well, I'm loaded with bacterial and viral infection and toxins - whose source may well be infected teeth, and those may need extraction which in turn means that the thousands of dollars spent on mercury removal, crowns and fillings will have heen money down the drain. Money which I cannot afford to lose, but when people are ill - in this so-called "benevolent" U.S. - do they really have a choice? Ha!

Anyway, the key question here is, whether it's my terrible luck that has caused both conventional and alternative practitioners to omit important info, or misinform, or be begrudging? Probably... for all I know, I might not even be able to rely on the accuracy of the QXCI, if the poltergeists I'm plagued with throw monkeywrenches in.