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My Dismally Bad Luck

J I N X A C L E S   J I N X A C L E S   J I N X A C L E S


Ever read the inspirational "Small Miracles" series by Mandelbaum and Leventhal?
Do such stories, nevertheless leave you feeling "somewhat" cynically detached
(knowing your experiences - J i n x a c l e s - have been the "Flip-Side of the Coin"?)

Some metaphorical descriptions of my life to date
Uphill battle... Ongoing obstacle course... Dead ends...
Rock strewn... Dismal weather... Tangled webs...

My poetic perspective re: bad luck
Others are always having fun
With smooth paths paved to get things done
While I, with my terrible timing & luck
Diabolically blocked; remain...yuck! stuck...
Can you, too, relate to this negative "bliss"?
Then let's give each other a virtual kiss
More Bad Luck Poems are on the Creative Outlet of the Vent Board

FOREWORD: This site is not exactly intended for those who don't share my experiences. Indeed, it's perfectly natural to expect skepticism from non-experiencers, and it's only due to my cumulative decades of abnormally uncanny jinxacles, that I even believe UFO, NDE, and other metaphysical phenomena, which I myself have not experienced. I am a victim of trauma no less than some child-abuse victims, Vietnam veterans, and Holocaust survivors, and I chose to report my abuse via this site. Never mind that my particular abusers are metaphysical (reminiscent of Jeannie's invisible nipping dog). Publicizing my torment by intangible entities is at least a partial, even if unresolved, catharsis for me, just as Dave Pelzer's child-abuse autobiography was his method of catharsis.


Murphy's Law, Bad Luck, Jinx, Hex, Curse, Evil Eye - these are merely superficial lip-service and don't begin to describe the damage capable of being wrought to psyches. I'm a female (you can call me "Murphy"), born September 1961, and after half a lifetime of constant dead ends, setbacks within setbacks, terrible timing, complexly interwoven simultaneous occurrences (negative synchronicity) specially designed to rub me thin, I'm convinced that in certain cases such as mine there's more to bad luck than what astrology would have people believe - i.e. being born under an unlucky star. It goes deeper than that. Because, aside from having many of the criteria of a FHighly Sensitive Person and chronic illness (probable FDysautonomia-related fibromyalgia) since childhood, my life has been invisibly, diabolically manipulated in such a consistent, subtle, premeditated way, that I'm convinced it's the machinations of evil spirits that have been constant, albeit invisible, thorns in my side. By the way, it may interest you to see this Foverlapping feedback that I received from an astrologer, medical intuitive and kineseologist, re: my health.

I'm convinced that there's something abnormally fishy about the fact that people often misjudge my well-intended motives, or misunderstand what I communicate, not only verbally but also via the Internet! No matter how clear I convey my meaning, it's as if negative entities control the actions of, or play upon the weak spots, of all weak-willed people who interact with me, causing them to act either boorish, or "innocently" imbecilic, or artfully treacherous, depending upon their nature. In fact, when I post on www discussion boards, I wouldn't be surprised if some respondents to my posts are in actuality evil spirits who instigate antagonism resulting in gang-mockery. What makes it even more fishy, is that board moderators either ignore my quest for a logical response or sometimes even add their own misplaced, flip comments.

It also makes no difference whether the person has an immaculate, trustworthy reputation, be they clergy, medical professional, intuitive, occult specialist, or astrologer. People from every one of these categories have subjected me to "exclusive" traitorious treatment, such as responding through clenched teeth, or in reprehensible or skeptical fashion with no instigation on my part to warrant such treatment. Because of this consistent, unexplainable mistreatment, I suspect that invisible entities temporarily possess or impersonate the personalities of those to whom I turn for services, such as programmers, or architects or else for medical or metaphysical feedback. Thus, I must always be on guard, and realize that when others respond non-satisfactorily, irrationally, or out-of-character, chances are that it's just another illusion among the never-ending string of jolts that my life is comprised of.

There's also something suspicious about the fact that the people whom I most need should get back to me never do (as if I don't exist) or that I can never reach people at the time I need them most, or that the people who do contact me are either those I'm not in synch with, or else they contact me at the most inconvenient or awkward time, such as when I'm urgently expecting someone else to return my call. I've also had times when it would seem as if something is starting out right (for example, I'd contacted architects, intuitives and programmers regarding services I really needed them for) only to have my bubble burst, or rather, "peter out". I.E. some of these people would initially respond with high enthusiasm, thus causing me to exert myself explaining in a clear, concise format what I required, but then... pfff... I wouldn't hear from them anymore... Silence... Nada... There have also been too many occasions where I'd ask someone a question, but they wouldn't respond. As if they didn't hear me. I'd then try raising my voice, and they still wouldn't hear me. Anyone reading this may tell themselves "that's normal, some people develop a self-defensive knack for tuning others out.." However, that doesn't explain why during the same period, these same people would conduct smooth-flowing discussions with other people. It's like the fates single me out for selectively inequitable treatment.

To give a "cross-sample" shopping-day out of my life:
First stop: The local health food store. If looks could freeze, the proprietor would have instantly frozen me with his icy eyes. There was a nutritionist in the store that day answering peoples' questions. Though I waited a long time for him, he kept attending to others' questions, but not to mine, as if I was part of the wallpaper. Even when I spoke up & asked where the "end of the line" is, so that he wouldn't be able to ignore me anymore, still, when my turn arrived he said he was in a rush to make an appointment and barely made eye contact with me. (Can it be that he was psychic and that my entities were visible to him? Not sure - but I suspect it, since a similar thing had once happened with a psychic lecturer who responded to questions from the audience, yet every time she glanced my way, she'd deliberately turn the other way). Now back to my shopping day:
Next stop: Electronics store. I asked the saleslady for lithium batteries for my Rx-minder. She, too, was grudgingly uncooperative, not making eye contact. She said she only saw one battery left, so I asked her if she could please check the drawer again, since, when I'd phoned previously, I remembered being told there were a few in stock. So she trudged back to the drawer & said, "what do you know there's more". She should have been helpful and cooperative without my having to painstakingly prompt her.
Next stop: The supermarket. I went to Customer Service for a raincheck, and the girl was just standing there with a spaced-out look (no other customers in line). I kept standing there, and she kept that spaced-out look plastered on her face. Finally I said "excuse me, do you work here" - whereupon she pouted - "Does it look as if I work here?" And it didn't end there. There was much more to this story, but I think I conveyed enough of the picture.

My fate is such, that I haven't yet found even one person whom I can truly relate to experientially. For all the fancy talk about soulmates, I have never even found a soul friend let alone a soulmate! My entire life, I've felt like an alien on this planet, never on the same plane of experiences as others are.

Note that I was recently browsing through the UFO2U site, wherein an alien named Cafth answers people's questions. The following Q&A session gave me comfort somewhat, as I was able to relate to the section (at the very bottom) wherein Cafth tells John "you're right, you don't belong here" and goes on to tell John that he's blocked from others. That's my experience exactly!
FAlien Cafth's response to John that he's being blocked (scroll to bottom)

Over the past decades, I've contacted psychics (mekubalim), palm-readers (chochmat hayad), graphologists, astrologers etc. The common thread running through their visions or readings is that I've been given an evil eye (ayin horah) by a young woman when I was a young child (2008 edit: Though I'm skittish, I finally decided to spill the beans that I'm Orthodox Jewish, because for literally decades, I've been seething that Orthodox Judaism has never provided the Jewish equivalent of a "white witch" for people in my situation. Rather they tend to go into "ostrich mode" as if skeletons don't exist in the closet. It's grossly unfair that on the one hand, "ayin horah" is allowed to have power, yet the rabbi's who informed me about my ayin horah failed to disclose the perpetrator despite their knowledge of my lifetime of anguish.)

Some of the aforesaid "consultants" also seemed very apprehensive, and spoke of an evil spirit associated with me. One psychic recently informed me that she's unable to connect with me due to confusion created by "mischief-makers" who surround me, and who are attracted to me (she couldn't understand why) and as of 2008, a spiritual naturopath told me that she can detect I'm being oppressed by demons. I've read what Dr. Bruce Goldberg had to say about psychic attack, and it sounds a bit like my case, since I'm jaundiced and also sometimes see peripheral elusive "shadows". I have no idea whether evil eye and psychic attack are one and the same. I do try some psychic "defense" by keeping cups of salt handy in my living areas, since salt is supposed to absorb negative entities.

At this point, my life has conditioned me to become a "passive pawn" rather than the active pawn I used to be, because to be an active pawn, invites meddling by the aforesaid malevolent entities. That's too stressful, and I've reached the limits of my coping ability, so the only way out that I can see is to "cop out" into passive mode (more or less). I.E. the more active I am, the more these entities are enabled to maneuver circumstances and timing to work against me. This in turn causes me to be [justifiedly] full of anger, hate or frustration, which in turn creates a vicious cycle. How? The negative energy generated by these emotions provides fuel for these entities to feed on, recharging them, so to speak.

Here's some tip-of-the-iceberg examples of the "meddling" I speak of: A few years ago, a bus I was waiting for was a bit late. Suddenly a deluge of rain came slamming into me & another guy sharing the shelter. We both jumped onto the bench & pressed against the back-wall, but it was ineffectual. About two min. later, the bus arrived - too late. The poor guy sharing the shelter had been a temporary co-sufferer of my luck! I had another experience with a bus coming late, where a woman told me that it was the FIRST TIME in her experience that the bus didn't show up; she was upset because she'd arrive late to work. But, furthermore, there were experiences surrounding the latter experiences, malevolently orchestrated to torture me.

I've had plenty other experiences with natural elements, buses, and any person or thing out of my realm of control. Also, alot of experiences where, just when I'd have had some good stuff happen to me (lulling me into feeling on a "high"), the "boom" would fall, & something negative would happen. Such experiences also conditioned me, over the years, to become more "blah" & not allow myself to ever feel too "high". That's safer, less rocky.

Besides the negative synchronicity that I mentioned earlier, I've also had weird synchronicity since way back. For example, I distinctly remember the fact that a high school teacher verbalized a very unusual word at the exact same time that I'd just been thinking it. I've had many such experiences throughout my life, causing me more over-stimulation than I could handle. Recently, a guy phoned Evelyn Paglini, a guest on the Art Bell show, about this same exact phenomenon of bad luck followed by weird synchronicity. I felt such an overwhelming feeling of validation when I heard him, & Evelyn's taking it in stride, as par for the course! I also had many instances of synchronicity which would mislead me to believe, "Ah... this is meant to be," only to have my balloon deflated upon realizing that path led nowhere.

FClick here for further validation from Paglini, explaining difference
between bad luck & hex (a.k.a. curse a.k.a. evil eye) and which
absolutely confirms my own experiences. Here's the excerpt:

  • "How does one know if they have been hexed or if they are just simply having bad luck? Paglini said bad luck [i.e. astrologically-determined luck] runs in cycles and usually just in one area of your life, whereas in the case of a hex [a.k.a. curse a.k.a. evil eye] a person might experience a host of problems in every area of their life, for sustained periods".

There's a gross lack of information contemporarily available on the subject of bad luck. Oh... there's info about negative NDE's, hauntings, possession, UFO abductions, paranormal phenomena, and anything that's really sensational. But, face it, who except those who suffer it are really interested in those with chronic non-sensational bad luck? Only chronic victims truly recognize how uncanny and debilitating their consistently maneuvered lives are! And so, since I'm a major victim, I decided to break the ice, and create this website.

Because I know there are other victims out there too, since this is far from a new phenomenon.

For example: Quoting Page 5 of "Why Things Bite Back" by Edward Tenner (his source: the New York Times of April 1987, Erik Sandberg-Diment):

Even computer professionals aren't immune from demon theories. Some specialists acknowledge, as one put it, that certain problems are "in the area of metaphysics," and that "strange things happen in electronics for which there is no reason." He reports that at one company, a system would crash during critical client preparations whenever a certain engineering manager appeared. The problem was solved by excluding him from its room whenever an important demonstration was being prepared.
Another example: Centuries ago, Ibn Ezra, a Jewish sage, wrote this poem:

Abraham ibn Ezra

On the day I was born,
The unalterable stars altered.
If I decided to sell lamps,
It wouldn't get dark till the day I died.

Some stars. Whatever I do,
I'm a failure before I begin.
If I suddenly decided to sell shrouds,
People would suddenly stop dying.

In the same vein, there's an ancient story about Rabbi Chanina Ben Dosa, whose destiny it was to undergo near starvation so that, in his merit, the remainder of the world would not suffer famine. His students took pity on him, and they knew he always trod a certain path every day, like clockwork. So they decided to place some nourishing food on that path, and then they hid themselves to see what would happen. But, though they waited and waited, he never appeared! Just that day for some reason, he took another path! After that incident, they finally became believers in the idea of fate.

My aspirations: To live in a world of my fantasies; a world where people communicate via telepathy such as in Madeline L'Engle's "A Wrinkle In Time"; a world that's not high-speed, nor driven by money, power, propaganda, luck, smarts, "facts" or competition. Because in such a world there are always more losers than winners, which leads to anger and resentment. My wishful thinking would have me live in a world where everyone truly understands each other, because we'd have similar physical and emotional tendencies. My fantasy world wouldn't foster complexity; this only leads to lies. For example, doctors, lawyers & financiers are full of overly-complex jargon designed to confuse people. In my dream world, there would be no such thing as illness, therefore no need for cryptic doctors, medicine, or medical books. There'd be no need for cryptic lawyers, because everyone would understand each other naturally and therefore never feel the hatred which leads to lawsuits. Finally, there'd be no need for cryptic financiers (nor money, for that matter) since all people's needs would be accommodated by a generous natural environment.

Thank you, Paul Lutus, for your generosity & empathic wisdom in creating the wonderfully user-friendly Arachnophilia HTML Editor! Thank you Irfan Skiljan for your wonderful IrfanView image editor...
Thank you, IconBazaar for your quality Gifs! ExtremeTracking, MisterPoll and BoardNation for your remote scripts.

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I remember when I read my first validation of my own synchronistic experiences, way back more than a decade ago. I was reading Laile Bartlett's book "PSI Trek" wherein she spoke of how she and her family were taking a trip, & I believe they were playing some sort of game where you have to name an object and then call it out when you see it on the road. So for kicks she called out either "elephant" or "white elephant". A short time later, voila! A traveling circus materialized, complete with an elephant.

Much more recently, I'd been reading a book "Sixth Sense" by FBelleruth Naparstek wherein she mentioned a similarly unusual case of synchronicity, this time involving a very rare worm or insect (I forget which).

Yet neither of these authors mentioned weird synchronicity as it relates to negative synchronicity. And it's the latter which most closely relates to my own experiences. I first got validation of the weird-negative combo when listening to a caller-in on the Art Bell show (for more details read my above site).

It's like so many past authors shied away from touching upon negativity, perhaps for fear of public rejection. It's only recently that an author finally came out with the whole truth about near-death-experiences, i.e. negative near death experiences. Similarly, with this site, I'm breaking the silence regarding the flip side of miracles. Technically speaking, miracles are actually "Positive Synchronicity orchestrated by God or His Appointees". It follows, that the flip side of miracles is "Negative Synchronicity" (perhaps manipulated by negative entities with Divine Permission while He turns His Face away??"

Y'know, semantics are a funny thing. They work MAGIC. For example, fibromyalgia never used to be acknowledged as such. But now that the "powers that be" actually deigned to coin a word for the condition, it has suddenly acquired a new significance. See what I'm driving at? People are so fickle, so easily convinced by window-dressings such as words, appearances, professional-looking websites, pretty voices, etc. Yet the question remains - WHY was an Official Word never coined for Occurences of Negative Synchronicity? SO... to bridge that gap, I took a stab at it in the hope that the phenomenon of JINXACLES might just become acknowledged. Anyone out there have any better ideas?

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After reading some of Dr. Bruce Goldberg's and Judy Hall's writings, and after getting feedback from other bad-luck victims, the common denominator seems to be that, indeed, there is a certain personality type which is most vulnerable (like moths to light) to attracting negative entities, be it psychic attack, evil eye, evil spirits, etc.

What a good many of us have in common, is that we have been too sensitive, too "open". We've had too much awareness of others' needs and a tendency to "tilt at windmills" in attempting or wishing to rectify daunting situations. According to Judy Hall, many therapists are vulnerable, because they're in the field of helping others. It's as if evil thwarts us at every turn from accomplishing those things we wish to accomplish.

Let us play "devil's advocate" for a minute. DEVIL'S MODUS OPERANDI: "Uh, oh, I see a bright orange glow over there. That means that Goody2shoes has nearly reached the climax in either communicating a good idea to someone, or else in achieving something she wants, which will raise her spirits and motivate her to continue acting positively. That won't do AT ALL. I better pull out my Bag Of Subtle Snags but fast, and hurry to deflate her balloon at JUST about the time her "satisfaction climax" is reached. Or else I'll make sure her idea fails to be communicated JUST when she's ready to mention a key point, in order to cause her MAXIMUM frustration. Furthermore, I'd better access the Great Futuristic Predictions Record Book, in order to lay traps for all possible future endeavors which might be attempted by Goody2shoes and appoint my most cunning vigilantes to stand guard at every one of those potential future paths.

Additional Personal Data:

I, myself, have never married due to what my life has been like. I made that decision while I was yet a teenager. There are more facets to my life-pattern, though, than mentioned above. I believe it's part of my destiny to have been under a "veil of protection" to the same degree that there's been an invisible veil causing me to remain incommunicado, or misunderstood by, people I need to communicate with. It's like there's a protective barrier which keeps human criminals from harming me, or which prevents me from mortal accidents. I seem to be protected from death and violence, but not from genetic illness & pain nor from invisibly-manipulated frustration, which in turn worsens my genetic predisposition to ill-health.

Furthermore, since childhood, I've not been allowed the luxury of spontaneity. That privilege is reserved for those "innocents" who have never experienced chronic ill-health, memory-loss, consistent misunderstanding by others, consistent judgmentalism by others, consistently premeditated manipulation, subjugation to cruel or cunning deceipt (read M.Scott Peck's "People of the Lie") and other consistent oppression. Psychic Helen Palmer, in an Finterview, stated "if the personality starts to get a little too on the glamorized side, or a little too on the paranoid side, -- you simply cannot reenter the [empathic psychicness] state with any reliability. It's as if the ability closes down." This explains why I'm unable to enter a trance state nor visualize things anymore; because my life has forced me to have to deliberate every move I make, or else risk Murphy's Law working against me. Indeed, that's a state of paranoia, and it wouldn't surprise me if people who've lived under brutally suppressive regimes such as Pol Pot have also lost any innate psychic abilities they might have had.

Aside from jinxacle-induced paranoia, a second aspect that barred me from the luxury of spontaneity, was my fibromyalgic "brainfog" (delayed cognition). In a book I read, a therapist wrote "generally, people with quick brain turnover are the most well adjusted". That's the absolute truth, since my delayed brain turnover contributed greatly to my maladjustment.

Another luxury I haven't experienced is that of smooth transitions from one "learning-stage" of life to another. In fact, any new realizations I managed to acquire were often "squeezed" from a non-generous, info-begrudging society - but mostly from reading. Adri Rocha, an autistic in "Child of Eternity" stated words to the effect that "judgmentalism hinders growth". Add to the mix: manipulation by human/other entities, cognitive impairment, chronic ill-health, and you have a "battleground" rather than a "life".

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The phenomenon of poltergeists is well known. But, judging from my personal experiences, I speculate there are actually two genres of Practical Joke Geists:
  1. Polter Geists (mischievous or destructive spirits who play practical pranks)
  2. Perfecter Geists (Humorously constructive angels appointed to teach practical lessons)
In explanation, here are some of my Real Life Perfecter-geistic experiences:
  1. Approximately 1982, in an introductory Data Processing class, the professor was emphasizing the importance of inserting a period at the end of a programming command. At that moment, a fly (perfecter-geist?) alighted on the exact bullseye area of the illuminated projector, thus driving home the lesson! The class was in stitches.
  2. A few years ago, I was vehemently stressing to a guy my firm views on the topic "the sanity of insanity". It was twilight time, and we were seated on a park bench. At that exact moment, a "drunk guy" (perfecter-geist?) began singing quite vociferously, as he sauntered cheerfully along the city street, a distance away from us. So I turned back to the guy (who was smiling whimsically at the irony) and chuckled, "I rest my case!"
  3. I have a relative who is very short, so I was seriously trying to get across to him that it might be prudent to consider growth hormone for his kids, since his wife is very short as well. Since he didn't seem to be "getting it" (his focus was on the newspaper instead) I quoted "Who is wise? He who foresees the results of his actions". Next thing I know, he was pointing to a quote he had just read in the newspaper, which was the exact quote I'd just mentioned to him. Uncanny, isn't it? Can perfecter-geists be capable of maneuvering newsprint?
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Perhaps a better term than "advice" would be "my outlook" and if it's of any help to others in my boat, then it would have served its purpose. On the other hand, there are those who might find it depressing; oh well...

For a long time, I've been trying to figure out the meaning of my abnormal life. But it's only much later that I've concluded, "Why bother? It's obviously mischief - and no sane person tries to read "meaning" into a child's mischief! Is this any different? So I now view my life as a tedious, irrelevant saga, wherein at various points along the way I've even managed to accomplish a few good deeds. And it's only the latter which have any meaning.

I realize it seems to be my destiny that when I interact with people, the vast majority of them leave me with a bad feeling, in so many different ways. For example, I have a competitively alert "brilliant" relative who inevitably leaves me feeling like a moron. The plot thickens, because I often wind up in a position of obligation to her, since circumstances conspire that way (i.e. she does material favors for me when I'm in a pinch, even while her attitude toward me is poisonous, as if I'm an object. At this point, I've learned that when interacting with her, I must talk in cool, objective "sound-bites" and detach from my emotions for that period of time. Why? Because interactions with her are irrelevant to who I am. She never had the patience to want to know what I am.

I've also always been on shaky ground vis-a-vis young toddlers. For example, I've had times when toddlers who didn't even know me were unnaturally drawn toward me, as if drawn by a strong magnet. But at other times, toddlers would be unnaturally terrified of me. I've even experienced this occasionally with 6th-sense adults as well, and it was extremely disquieting. Like they don't make eye contact but rather are seeing the entities surrounding me, and then they deliberately turn away from me in a state of frozen terror.

I, personally, cannot keep up with the fast pace of the world, so full of competition & brilliance. And I strongly suspect that most of its high-tech accomplishments, are the result of manipulation by outside forces. For example, I once read that the idea for Miracle Ear came to its inventor in a dream. So why should I feel bad for not being able to keep pace? Instead, I view it all as a huge puppet arena, wherein most people who get spontaneous urges to do a certain thing, to create, compose, or craft things are (without realizing it) actually only pawns within some mysterious plan.

Another strategy might be to compare this world to Alice In Wonderland, and to "humor" the incessantly wacky occurrences which you're swept along in. Instead of taking life too seriously, sway with the fickle wind, and realize (especially during the nitty-gritty shocks which try to create confusion and misunderstanding between you and others) that it's a grand illusion, within which the only thing you're in control of, is your state of mind. So how can you keep your sanity? Perhaps by trying, if possible, to accomplish some positive actions despite the onslaught of forces trying to trip you up.


  • Always anticipate that people will let you down and try as much as possible to get things done on your own, whenever possible, so as to pre-empt friction and disillusionment.

  • Try to remember to keep your invisible tormentors in a state of dilemma, by playing their own game.

    Example One: If you're waiting for a bus, do so while listening to relaxing music. Then the tormentors' dilemma will be: "Should I give her the satisfaction of listening to the music? Or the alternative satisfaction of having the bus arrive? UGH! Either way she'll be a winner - bad news for me...

    Example Two: You've been trying to reach tech support with no luck. It's also gorgeous weather, perfect for accomplishing local errands. Therefore, it may be on just that day that tech support will become available, so you should not have accomplished your errands in nice weather. But even if tech support is still unavailable, at least you know that you can get some errands accomplished.

    Example Three: So help me God, I'm not sure what the solution for this is, but I decided to expose it here for the benefit of any manipulee who may be reading this. Have there been times you thought you were going insane, because you were sure that when you read the specs or fine-print of an ad, it read other than what you saw afterward when it was too late? Like, you ordered something online, and you were sure the ad was for a full set of an item, but then you only received a single item rather than the full set - thus having grossly overpaid? Then, in a state of shock, you went back to the ad, and you saw that you actually read the ad wrong? This has happened to me numerous times. You'd think I'd learn to be careful, huh? Well, I sure AM careful! So I now strongly suspect that my diabolical tormentors either tweak my field of vision, or else tweak text online, so that when I'm reading it, it reads other than the actual ad. In fact, I have no way of knowing whether the entities might not tweak this paragraph, so that other manipulees shouldn't get wise to their tactics - so help us God! Just like they tweak my answering machine, phone, and so much more. No holds barred!

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Why not say it like it really is? There's nothing I disdain so much as a world wherein people are conditioned by societal "norms" and catch-phrases to believe that this world of illusion is Reality, when we're actually only pawns on a chessboard.

Some of the most brilliant of artists, physicists and what-have-you are compelled in spite of themselves to achieve & achieve & ach-ch-chieve! For example, many "talented" authors confide that they wrote via automatic writing.

Here's another example: In this FIasos Link, he states regarding Brad Steiger's book Our Shared World of the Supernatural:

"Chapter 11 focuses on Iasos' partnership with Vista, a higher-dimensional being that transmits 'musical visions' to Iasos, which he then creates and makes publicaly available. This 'arrangement' was agreed upon before Iasos incarnated."
Therefore, I'll take the liberty of scrapping the asinine phrase  Celebrate The Genius!   in favor of the following:

May you all derive benefit from the works of Van Gogh, Bach, Disney, Tesla, and all other mere mortals who have allowed themselves to be used as conduits whereby society is enhanced...
By the way, the poetry, limerick, and ideas on this site were not created through automatic writing, rather by stretching my brain to its maximum limited capacity. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I lack psychic ability, and am therefore disconnected from metaphysical channels of inspiration, unable to be used involuntarily as a conduit by external forces. I'm capable of being tormented by them through their use of people, technology, and circumstances against me, but they're not able to use my person or brain (except perhaps unwittingly - by circumstantial manipulation) as a tool toward their ends.

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I fail to comprehend how people can confine their faith to only positive aspects of metaphysics, as if every coin only has a shiny front without a darker side. I don't consider that to be rationality-based faith, because if rational people acknowledge that "where there's wetness there's also dryness" and "where there's fire, there's also ice", then why don't they consistently apply that concept to "Benevolent and Malevolent Forces" as well?

Some of these examples of self-delusion have already been discussed, such as the rejection of the existence of Negative Near Death Experiences, or the discounting of Negative Synchronicities. But to anyone who wishes to see further indication of mankind's propensity for preferring rose-tinted glasses, just go to, and take a tally to see how many readers rated positive reviews as "helpful" versus readers who rated negative reviews as "helpful".

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Q: Is this correct? "You and I are be-ings"

A: It depends upon whose perspective. From altruists perspectives, most of us are indeed be-ings, but from egotists' perspectives, most of us are th-ings. I'm convinced that just as there are malevolent humans, they have metaphysical counterparts who are gleeful when they succeed in creating an atmosphere of ill will between judgers and judgees (by rigging up illusory scenarios which don't reflect the true intentions and souls of those being misguidedly judged.

Q: Are you a perfectionist, or a non-perfectionist?

A: Again, it's a matter of perspective. Superficial people might only consider you a perfectionist if you're another Bach or Einstein, whereas empathic people will consider you a perfectionist if you're seven years old and striving so hard to write, but only managing crooked, smudged ABC's.

Q: How many people have heartfelt (vs. intellectual) realization?

Realization of the probability that life is a "set-up"; that "virtual traps" are laid for mankind in the form of illusions. For example, someone yells. You become irate, and scold him/her for yelling. However, maybe s/he wasn't truly yelling? Maybe his/her vocal decibel levels were tweaked by a manipulative invisible entity as an illusory set-up for the purpose of creating disharmony among mankind? Ironically, there can be ill-intentioned people who are forgiven everything thanks to their pussycat voices! Another example of a possible set-up is Fhuman spontaneous invisibility. So, it's advisable to always be on guard anticipating a set-up, then maybe this world can win out vs. the "tricky tweaksters" J? Of course, it's a tall order, since it's very hard to ignore what one's five senses tell us to be "true".

Realization that someone's soul can be innately intelligent despite:

  1. limitations imposed by illnesses such as Alzheimer's, autism, or fibromyalgic cognitive impairment
  2. inadequate vocabulary and limited factual knowledge caused by different cultural background
Realization that appearances and speech often are misrepresentative. For example:

  1. Just because a guy has a crease between the brows need not mean he's strict or depressed. It means he has a genetically-inherited crease no different than laugh-line creases. Years ago, a woman had surgery to remove and permanently numb her brow crease, so that her friends should stop bugging her to "lighten up". Thereafter, even when she was depressed, nobody told her to lighten up!
  2. Just because someone has a gruff or nasal or falsetto voice projection need not mean he's an ogre or nerd or wimp [respectively]. In fact, people sound mellower within their inner ear and therefore don't realize how "irritating" they might sound to others, so absolutely no harm was intended on their part.
Realization that just because someone seems to be a loser, doesn't necessarily mean that he is. It may just mean that he lacked the luck and wherewithall to turn his unique ideas into reality. But if those thoughts could magically translate into reality, they might have potential to improve the world.

Realization that, when asking people for advice or instructions when you're in a pinch, you'll sometimes receive incorrect instructions even if the advisor seemed very confident and rational. Because humans, no matter how intelligent, err or may themselves have been misinformed! For example, I've had computer hotline technicians give me the wrong tech instructions authoritatively. And at least twice in the recent past, I've had a clerk and secretary [respectively] notify me that the manager/boss were not in. In both those cases, they were proven wrong. Either that, or it might have been something far more sinister; because the aforesaid boss materialized, and acted toward me literally in a hissing, hostile manner. Therefore, it may have been shadow entities impersonating the various people I've interacted with, in order to confuse and isolate me from everyone - and in general, to create rifts between many people to prevent them from constructive progress, as mentioned by FMontalk.

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Plodder's Perspective:

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
Yet it's they who seem to be eons ahead
Slow and steady lags behind the race
In this era of nanosecondish pace

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Macabre Limerick (by Murphy):

Here's the tale of a mansion that's haunted
Cuz the rich guy who owned it would flaunt it
The ghosts hissed "we've had it"
The ghouls howled "let's at it"
It's now just a shell - no more vaunted...

...and where's the rich guy now? Check out Mr. Blue-Tie below


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